Invisalign® Clear Aligners in Southwest Arlington, TX

There are a variety of reasons why one decides to straighten their teeth. A uniform smile does wonders for a person’s confidence, but it also aids in the improvement of your oral and overall health. And with advancements in technology expanding orthodontic treatments, it’s never been so easy to find an option that works best for you.

Dr. Ho, Dr. Nguyen, and our friendly staff at Star Dental understand how an aligned smile can transform our patients’ lives. In addition to traditional braces, we also offer Invisalign® clear aligners for an discreet way to straighten your teeth. Our office is accepting new patients interested in braces or Invisalign in Arlington, so call to set up an appointment today!


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Picture of straight teeth using Invisalign clear aligners in Southwest Arlington, TX


The Benefits of Clear Aligners

Whether your teeth are crooked or your smile has gaps, Star Dental offers alignment solutions depending on the severity. Our patients see us to help correct minimally uneven spacing or crowding of the front, or anterior teeth. For this, we offer Invisalign clear aligners as a beneficial treatment option. Invisalign corrects mild to moderate malocclusion for adults and teens.

This clear aligner treatment provides several benefits to those wearing them. The custom trays are made of clear plastic, allowing wearers to straighten their teeth without noticeable wires and brackets. Additionally, you’re afforded the benefit of removing the aligners before eating and brushing. These conveniences make Invisalign our patients’ most preferred alignment method.

Are You a Candidate for Invisalign?

Dr. Nguyen conducts a comprehensive evaluation during your first visit, clearly explaining his recommended course of treatment. Aligning your teeth with Invisalign requires you to wear the trays 22 hours a day, it’s important to be consistent and compliant to this routine. Additionally, wearing aligner trays require consistent attention of your oral hygiene to avoid trapping bacteria. Commitment to the process ensures you will experience the best benefits.

While Invisalign is cosmetically a better choice, this treatment isn’t the perfect option for everyone. Those with more complicated misalignment, particularly around the molars, will achieve better results with traditional braces.

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Improving the look of your smile with cosmetic alternative to orthodontics can work wonders for your confidence. At Star Dental, Dr. Vu Ho, Dr. Thien Nguyen, and our dedicated staff provide Invisalign clear braces in Arlington, Grand Prairie, Fort Worth, and surrounding communities. If you would like an efficient and discreet way to correct your mildly misaligned teeth, call our office today!





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